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Horror amount taken for granted by the National Theatre tickets

world tabloid
17th February 2013

The National Theatre of Robert Alföldi's performances around the scalper has also attracted the attention of: ten-fold items are sold at the success of his shows. Thirty-six thousand forints can be even spent for a ticket.

A kind of disaster tourism is developed around the National Theatre, after it turned out that the beginning of July Vidnyánszky Attila replaced in the Robert Alföldi theater is headed. Together with actors leaving the Great Plains of presentation is certainly more they take the show, and this resulted in a big panic among the theater lovers to literally Theater was the storming.

Although the performances of each person limited the number of tickets I can buy to make sure that. Resellers buy tickets in bulk, but the scalper immediately struck the possibility of making the Black market trading was net of the public.

Mr Robert and Stohl's play the Angels in America (Photo: MTI)

Robert Alföldi's Our country last week's series of programs on a guest talking Judit Csáki's  Bálint House stage. Among other things he also said a lot of interest in their performance to each auction pages are, who the Angels in America piece of thirty-six thousand, for the Uri-muri twelve, and for the seagull a minimum of twenty thousand guilders are willing to pay.

You should know that these pieces are truly star-parades, they play such artists as Dorottya Udvaros, Juli Básti, János Kulka, András Stohl. - Indeed, we learned that this phenomenon exists - began Orsolya Gálos, communications director of the National Theatre. - It goes without saying that it is not selling at the National Theatre in this way the tickets, the ticket price because we, the ticket office or online vendor of performances - Gálos he added.

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Each week war!

- Winston -
18th february 2013

Attila Vidnyánszky window blinds.

Vidnyánszky's another gem fell more interested in the subject in front of days. The current Debrecen, Budapest theater director but soon usual hackneyed style of the continued struggle of the liberals started kultúrsátán counter.

Our hero is not a man of words, but likes to think of himself. It has long been won
appointed director of the National Theatre, but still can not stop Robert Alföldi fucking. (Even when you are not, which is probably not even intend to. Collegiality of the break Hungarian.) But the yawning voiced clichés (sacred blabla) next time a shockingly nefarious tricks are deployed. The latest megnyilvánulásról dictionary parser reads the chronicle:

However, Attila Vidnyánszky stressed paradigm shift comes with a as part of a very large National Theatre would like to create. "The a national church, spiritual, sacred space, born from the soul of the nation "- future leader of the theater said, adding that the National Theatre, "the built and kept alive the idea of right, the other kind of thoughts we saw what he did to her."

Attila Vidnyánszky

The first thought is nonsensical ("large" National Theatre), the paradigma change 'lózung' even have to smile. Mr Alföldi liberal attempt theatrical world weighed against its conservative ideology, but they are just empty phrases paper. Where the dominant pattern in the arts due to the nature of the freedom of millions of about the possibility of, already doomed to fail in the driver, who was a paradigm explanation of the infinite space of their own narrow dead end. (György Fekete is also his destiny will be, once home to the cultural life of eighty-percent cut. He seriously about. Even turns a blind eye too, so we will not see his face when he meets a wall. See also Dörner George "cozy" theaters. Among friends can be good yell at a blind window.)

Lowland non-political lines led to the National Theatre. This is often underlined words and reality stood. Vidnyánszky - the initial slack Following protests - admittedly it does now. Thus, in this form is correct about the change. Non-political party as an ideological teátrumból National Theatre of promise. Name of the institution of the theater it is practically irrelevant. Dogma paradigm. It is also cool.

Secretary Zoltán Balog manageability

However, the last sentence is concerned, it is still Vidnyánszky politically blind, fanatics and road rollers are revolting habit of knowing. From degrading in the extreme to Note begins to become clear what role for himself. Hadvezérit who words under the guise of art agyonmisztifikált bunker built for himself. War began every minute, and now that I won, the loser gyalázva explains, "success". (There's what, if you think about the way to victory.) Is now not only provocative sentence the profession is divided into two parts. As chief of the country, he is the theatrical medium (Including everyone on stage and auditorium) splitting: target species and bad. The kept alive the idea right? Where you live, where the man lived? What planet? What age? Where does the courage to ráturházzon shared our table? How can you be so thick in the taxpayers' money are treated skin on your face?

"... The other kind of thought we saw what he did to it" - mutters sullenly. Really. What? Perhaps enjoy theater, sacred bullshit without. But what is equally Note: You can also see what you did not do. I do not how politics run amok. Non-stained turulnyálba say. Not insulting anyone. I do not bluff. I do not want to church to do theater. I do not want to get a faithful pártvalláshoz but attracted an audience theaters. (Church and Church of the huge difference.) Not hõzöngött. Art concept with masked voices trend is not stabbed knife in the already bleeding from a thousand wounds in society. Not be humiliated. I do not spit in the image other. Neither victory before or after. And most importantly: do not do what the the apparatus of the present power and enjoy doing: not the petty grievance motivated by revenge to fulfill.

The moment when a man is in the right wing political culture appropriated Theater was on, it ceases to be a National Theatre. Own shouting, but it is more more. Stupidity, selfishness and hatred hálószaggatója. And this man's I've given some leadership power. This man preaches nation. He embodies the Hungarian theater arts in the summer.

Cheers, Herr Direktor! Each week war!

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Zoltán Balog was sermonized in letter by Vienna

1 st February 2013

The famous Vienna Burgtheater director of renowned Austrian artist, including the Nobel laurate Elfrida Jelinek turned to the Hungarian government. In the letter written to Zoltán Balog Vienna requires the freedom of culture and theatre. The director and the artist turned to the public and the Hungarian cabinet. In Vienna today announced their opposition to the People's Freedom presents the first in Hungarian.

Matthias Hartmann, the Burgtheater, one of Europe's most famous theater’s director
Reuters - Heinz-Peter Bader

Dear Minister,

In the past year, your ministry took cultural policy measures - especially in the Hungarian theater of public life - that has attracted the attention. As you probably know this, many of these decisions in Hungary and Austria are highly controversial.

Therefore, let us  - with those (Elfriede Jelinek, Michael Haneké, Erwin Wurm, Ewald Palmetshofer, Kathrin and Peter Rögglá, Turrini) who are professionally close to me  - have mail contact with you. We would like you to see the Hungarian theater of public life for present and future thoughts and suggestions. We respectfully ask you to accept our recommendation.
Yours sincerely,
Matthias Hartmann, director of the Burgtheater in Vienna

It will be poorer

The Hungarian theater did a lot for the fame of the country to date, both public and independent stages are fully exploited the full potential of cultural context. This tradition is now destroyed by who are not able to think long-term by that they mix culture with national aspects.By the political influence and by ideological restraint country does not only lose productive energies, and ultimately becomes poorer, but it's the environment and the oppression of minorities, violence against them is also favorable. This is the worst possible, which take place in a society. I feel that it is now Hungary, the artists and theaters necessarily need to be supported so as to be able to stand against such intentions.

Elfrida Jelinek

These are basic rights

This is not a matter of right or left side: the freedom of expression and artistic freedom fundamental rights. The States in which such rights are explicitly or implicitly undermine the introduction of censorship, no longer considered democracies.

Michael Haneke

Personal Recommendations
Dear Minister Balog,
Cultural policy developments in Hungary watched with concern and skepticism over the past few months, so as to free artists from Europe, I feel obliged to protest herewith the Hungarian National Theatre Director politically motivated against the exchange.
I took the liberty to describe it to you in this letter some of my personal suggestions for the 2013 year, I hope to heed them. Free theater I wish to Hungary, as will the leaders of political influence, without a serious and genuine professional considerations are appointed to ensure that these institutions are varied and healthy developing cultural workshops as operational.
I would like to have a Hungarian theater, which is available free from the financial means of political instruction and spend the money on playground uncensored and artists. Finally, I urge the Hungarian theater of public life in order that the government - especially your wallet - change way of thinking, and will seek a democratic cultural policy issues and enlightened way to approach.
The art and culture of the one-sided political influence is extremely dangerous hold, at the same time hope that the government's decision-making time will understand: these processes can cause great damage and can lead to passivity.
Erwin Wurm

Stay questionable
Concern, please urge the Hungarian Government not wanting to become unquestionable, but rather tolerate him against it. This process does not close, no compartment, but also support and protect those institutions that are posted on these issues. The Hungarian contemporary art and artists would like to express my solidarity with my respect and ask them to not let things continue, of openness and political guarantees for the freedom and equality. In addition, protect their workshop and all workshop in which we all have the same need and will be.

Ewald Palmetshofer

No one can do it for you

Dear Mr. Balog,

I turn to you in this letter, because of serious concern in Hungary theaters and public art life situation. As a theater close to all international countries, languages ​​and cultures in a cavalcade 
of work, so no country can do for you in the art, particularly in the European region. Therefore, I expect you to not only the Director of the National Theatre for solely political reasons for their removal review, but the measures that are independent of the financial impossibility theaters implying. Also for independent theater associations of which you have supported so actively as reflected in the Hungarian tradition. One more thing: prove it, please have your country in the European theater scene remains vibrant cultural scene and progressive component, not some dusty museum of nationalist feeling. I expect you to be ready to engage in a democratic art debate, which also belongs to notice and taken seriously by the Hungarian arts actors widespread protests listen to many experts, do not go to the old police state footsteps and do not implant all the art institution head political functionaries close to you. Such assertive behavior is not only the art of bringing a disadvantage. Criticism of any democracy survive. Democracies and only have a future in Europe.

Kathrin Röggla

Only dictatorships

The policy has to make enable the operation of the theater. Policy has to keep out. Only dictatorships intervene.

Peter Turrini



1st February 2013

Robert Alföldi publishes an open letter, which was written for the National Theatre audience.

Dear viewers!
Both myself and on behalf of the whole company, honored and happy to honest I want to thank you for your interest, your attendance to my shows in the National Theatre. Nowadays, this is completely politicized cultural and public life really uplifting, so that you are curious, open-minded and knowledgeable attention turned towards the shows, in view of the arts, the theater's strength and freedom, despite the daily political battles.
Special thanks to the persistent queues, and the fact that the very difficult economic conditions, spending money for National Theatre. Maybe snowfall, frost and cold, you do not give up to get into a show. This is what really confirms our work in a very positive welcome addition to domestic and international criticism. The company's professional credibility of most interest to the audience unbroken. Your recognition will force school leavers or young Kossuth Prize atrists a fitting way, we can continue to responsibly represent the Hungarian national culture, as - I believe - we have done so far.

Human Resources Minister, Zoltán Balog in an agreement within the meaning of the 30th June 2013, my contract expires, I'm in the National Theatre. The previously announced shows keep our programs and the available resources as efficiently as possible and the savings will be used up in mind. The new Chief Executive Officer assists the work of the Ministerial Commissioner in appointed by the Minister, in cooperation with European way will I be involved in the transfer of the National Theatre. As the conscience and sense of responsibility also dictates.
I sincerely thank you for all that every night a special celebration at the National Theatre. We look forward to continue to be associated with performances and new viewers.
Budapest, 1st February 2013
Robert Alföldi
Director of the National Theatre

"The problem will compliment" - According to Alföldi there will be Mephisto

1st February 2013

Robert Alföldi does not allow: successor against the wishes do you advertised are watching and will continue with plans to introduce Mephisto in May. The outgoing director of the National Theatre also talked about this in the ATV.

The question is, what's on the National management, Robert Alföldi said: "There are many good acts to the management, mainly associated with it, that the people fairly and normally cope with what you do, that you planned, from how much has been achieved.In addition, associated with very great success. course of the scandal, as the National Theatre, a very important institution, is really a spiritual workshop was, even if it's someone' s taste is not too accurate determination "- said Mr Robert, who ATV Start's repertoire Attila Vidnyánszky statement also responded that the National Theatre is a liberal audience favorite.

"I'm head of an art institution, not a politician. I do not watch it due to our viewers in the political orientation, so I do not understand this sentence. Of course, anyone who wants a new way to lead the institution has the right to an opinion on the work taking place there, but do not think it is the audience rating. I can not with labels and tags for what to do with an art institution "- said Robert Alföldi.
Attila Vidnyánszky told the MTI: "We will also be expected to present a professional troupe members a range of belief that superior talent. But you may be excluded from national, the industry will be to price them." In this context, said Robert Alföldi, not his job to evaluate claims of Vidnyánszky. "I do not think it is in communication, but his job is to do that. (...) I talked very little in the previous five years, the management team, I talked about what I want to do" - said the director. The idea that Vidnyánszky "to have", "him against the" elected, noted: "I do not fight. Culture I do not make the fight., I'm doing my job."
Robert Alföldi launched the program, as well as each year passes the spectators, her ticket was purchased, it is presented in the Mephisto, although Vidnyánszky asked not to bring color. "I do not think it is normal for people to discuss with each other in private, or six privately and prior to contracting, the press turn. Akceptálható Vidnyánszky request, but it is also acceptable that in June the first I'm in the institution '-' said the manager, who all viewers thanked the by showing interest in theater, and also spoke about convinced that the audience of the theater wondering, is not demonstrated, by storm in the ticket price.
RObert Alföldi also reminded the administration of the late Tamás Jordán is only a demonstration left the theater (directed by Janos Szasz would have three sisters), but this had nothing to do with the management switch. The question of whether current political considerations lead when said response units in the past five years, every performance was 'crosstalk', as reflected societal problems. "It's about how an artist is mixed with politics, I think there is nothing to talk. 'Actual politization' But it's not, but in response to the age in which we live, where we talk about why Vidnyánszky does not talk to Verebes, or why I do not talk to SZilveszter Ókovács (Szilveszter Ókovács ATV was a guest on the show), "- said Robert Alföldi.
The presenter reminded Imre Kerényi statement that "the compliment here to get a theater for Alföldi". "The teacher will be a problem for his compliment, I have to say" - responded Robert Alföldi, who told him not to tender for the theater and thought it was not the time to create the opportunity for them to continue.

Robert Alföldi: Kerényi will have problem with rusty compliment

1 st February 2013

He will not get a theater in Hungary, which has the simple reason that it does not apply a post of head of institution or, where there is a working - including about Mr. Robert's speaking ATV Start Plus Robert's repertoire on Friday morning. Accordance with the plans coming years, both at home and abroad will be working.

"I can not leave here, I live here, I know, from the and is, with all its beauty and anguish "- said Robert Alföldi Outgoing director of the National Theatre in June ATV Start Plus's show.

The theater expert added: "A lot of offer and got a lot of work from home, Europe and overseas as well. "I think that in the next three or four years I will discuss I will travel to and from in the world, and I'm going to work here at home. "

It was a response to Imre Kerenyi a week ago: "Here the compliment to put Robert Alföldi
in a theater, "he said," the teacher will be a problem for his compliment. "" I'm not going to get a theater. There is a very simple reason. It does not apply to a place where he is working, and working Society is. Just having a theater, a place I will not be destroy On the other hand, I grew up there, and have a very special relationship with the Vígszínház "- explained Actor-director.

Fotó: Túry Gergely

With regard to his office Vidnyánszky Attila the People's Word in an interview also speaking, do not want to be scheduled for the end of the season Mephisto born, he said, it is not should be publicly discussed. "Do not go into this. I do not think so elegant that when people negotiate each other in private, or six privately, before they Agreement are taken, a party starts the press. "

Robert Alföldi also talked about this in the interview: National Theatre in recent years, a significant intellectual workshop was the Hungarian culture, and he thinks it is natural that there will be a big success scandals as well.

"Anyone can go through the last few ten years, a hundred years of history, and that during the Hungarian National What do theater directors were on their heads, it is roughly cells may pre-order it will not be a walk-gallop "- he explained." It comes with it, like football, everyone knows how to do it. "However Mr. Robert said he does not fight, he does not fight the culture, he only performs its job. Anyway, I feel that the opposing parties now can not even talk to each other, because "everyone is anxious, all grievances are."

When asked whether the views of Vidnyánszky really has a certain political defined audience of the theater, Mr. RObert said leading art institutions, non-policies, so it is not looking to them for what their political-going audience.

As a reaction to the days of great interest due to the collapse of the theater ticket system, and long queues at the Andrassy Avenue, said: Thank you for your patience and perseverance. "The
People storm us and want to see everything. Theatre would like to see, people do not come to theater to demonstrate their political resistant "- he added.